"Sweet French Bubbles for All!"

As any adult French person would tell you, Lorina is the taste of childhood. The French company, created in 1895, has been producing what the French call "lemonade" for over 107 years. Lorina is a great family story. Victor Geyer started in Munster, a small village in the heart of the Moselle region (northeast of France, next to Alsace). His two sons carried on from there, and the family heritage was passed down from generation to generation.

In 1995, Jean-Pierre Barjon, a French entrepreneur, took over the company and since then has expanded it to Europe, the US and Asia. Lorina lemonade is still produced according to the same family secret recipe, which is kept in the company safe. The water used to make the limonade comes from a spring below the factory (30 meters, 98 feet deep)- pure water gushing from the Vosges Mountains sandtone, which is particularly fresh (12 degrees Celsius, 54 degrees Fahrenheit). A few drops of natural lemon essence distilled in Grasse, a few drops of citric acid and pure refined sugar added to it give Lorina its authentic taste. Needless to say the lemons used are of high quality. This might be the key to the secret, plus the precise dosage, since the limonade must taste like lemon rather than a fruity drink. Nothing but natural ingredients and carefully chosen raw materials are used, in order to ensure the quality of the finished product. Lorina is bottled only in glass. This alone guarantees its exceptional, long-lasting sparkle.

Due to its continuous success, Lorina now comes in a variety of flavors: lemonade, French lemonade, orangeade, pink lemonade and, the latest, French berry lemonade. It also comes in two different sized bottles: the original 750 milliliters/25.4 fluid ounces and the new, handy single-serve 330 milliliters/11.1 fluid ounces.

A century after the beginning of its production, Lorina was named an "outstanding beverage" by the National Association of Specialty Food Commission at the 1997 New York Fancy Food Show, the same year it was first introduced in the US.

Expect to pay a high price compared to other bottled drinks. But the history of tradition and the quality of the spring water make Lorina drinks so refreshing!

société Gayot
17 septembre 2002